Our Greatest Asset

Our commitment to our employees is reflected in our core values and principles, which guide every decision we make and action we take.

By prioritising employee engagement, ownership, and accountability, we ensure that our team is not only aligned with our mission but also empowered to contribute meaningfully to our company's growth and innovation.

Our culture is driven by a strong level of engagement, ownership and accountability for sustainability and safety.

Our employees enable us to deliver positive outcomes to our stakeholders. Employee engagement ranks in the top quartile globally.

Our Values

Our employees are highly engaged to enable us to deliver positive outcomes to our stakeholders.

Amotiv’s core values and principles guide our decisions and are which the company and individuals live by.

People are at the heart of all we do

We care deeply about our team, our customers, our suppliers, our communities & our partners.

True to who we are

We are courageous, authentic, transparent, and honest. We always act with integrity.

We give our all

We are entrepreneurial, curious, driven and commercially strong. We create value through our products, our services and our actions.

Our Principles

Customer Focus

Our customers are important to us; we aim to meet their needs.

Professionalism and Respect

We encourage constructive, candid and open communications. We are accessible. We always treat our people with fairness and integrity. We trust our colleagues.

Highest Standards of Integrity

We always act honestly and say what we mean.


We work collaboratively with our people to create and maintain a safe work environment; never becoming complacent.

High Performance and Business Success

Business success secures our future. Our profits permit us to invest for long-term customer satisfaction, a rewarding future for our people, and a return to the shareholders. We have a bias for action, and for achieving results.

Innovation and Continual Improvement

We seek new ways of doing things, taking risks where necessary in pursuing new opportunities.


We acknowledge our interdependence, drawing on each other's strengths, and we give recognition for a job well done.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Amotiv is committed to being an inclusive workplace that values and promotes diversity. Diversity encompasses gender, race, ethnicity and cultural background, age, physical abilities and religious beliefs.

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Board of Directors

Introducing the Amotiv Board of Directors, a distinguished team providing strategic guidance and oversight, ensuring our commitment to excellence, market leadership, and maximising shareholder value in the automotive aftermarket industry.

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Our Amotiv management team leads with innovation and strategic vision. Their expertise drives our growth and solidifies our position in the automotive aftermarket industry, continuously enhancing shareholder value.

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We value customer commitment, inclusiveness and innovation. We set big goals and we go after them with everything we’ve got.

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