A journey of innovation and growth

1938: The Beginning

Our story began in 1938 when GUD was founded by industry pioneers Harry Sharples, Arthur Harford, and Bill Ryan, who came together to form an informal alliance. This was the inception of what would grow into a global entity.

1940-1950: Early Years of Expansion

In 1940, GUD Manufacturing Pty Ltd was formed, initially producing chemicals such as Dr. Lube and Chem-weld (still sold today under the Goss brand). The first FRAM filters were assembled in Australia by GUD Manufacturing in 1942. The iconic RYCO filter brand was launched, distributed via W.L. Ryan, marking the beginning of our long-standing tradition of quality and innovation.

1958-1996: Growth and Diversification

GUD Holdings was formally registered in 1958, signifying our official entry into the corporate world. The company went public in 1959, and in 1991, we acquired Lock Focus from Lowe & Fletcher, further broadening our portfolio.

1995 and 1996 saw the acquisitions of Davey Pumps from McPhersons and Sunbeam-Victa & Wesfil, respectively, bolstering our presence in the domestic market.

2003-2017: Strengthening Our Market Position

In 2003, GUD acquired Spa Quip and Monarch (both joining the Davey Group) in 2006. By 2009, we acquired Dexion Storage Systems, and in 2015, we welcomed Brown & Watson International (home to brands such as Narva and Projecta) to our family, continuing our tradition of growth.

2016 marked another milestone with the acquisition of Griffiths Equipment NZ and the divestment of Sunbeam Appliances and Lock Focus. This period also saw the establishment of GUD New Zealand Limited.

2018-2023: Global Expansion and Innovation

In 2018, we acquired Disc Brakes Australia, reinforcing our position in the automotive industry. The years following saw significant acquisitions including ACAD 4WD accessories in 2020, and AutoPacific Group in 2022. We also acquired Fully Equipped Canterbury NZ, Innovative Mechatronics Group (IM Group), and Hybrid Battery Rebuild Australia, later rebranded and launched as Infinitev.

In 2023, the divestment of Davey Water crystallized the group’s ambition to be a pure-play automotive business, setting a clear path for our future.

2024: Rebranding and Future Vision

In 2024, we announced our new divisional restructure and proposed to shareholders for GUD Holdings to rebrand to Amotiv Limited, a name that reflects our commitment to motion and innovation. We acquired Caravan Electrical Solutions (BWI) and Milford Cargo Barriers & Towbars (APG), and continued our path to a new era of growth and innovation.


Amotiv (ASX: AOV) stands as a pure-play automotive company with a robust portfolio and a rich history of innovation, strategic acquisitions, and market expansion. Boasting over 1,900 team members, 40 global locations, 16 manufacturing sites, 3 divisions, and over 50 market-leading brands, we carry the weight of our legacy, driving forward with a commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence in the automotive industry.