4WD Accessories and Trailering Brands

AutoPacific Group (APG) is a clear leader in 4WD Accessories & Trailering in Australia and New Zealand. In towing, APG owns the iconic Hayman Reese brand alongside Trailboss and Best Bars in New Zealand. In functional accessories, Parkside and Kaymar have both carved out niche leadership positions. ROLA is known for stylish cargo management designs with safety and quality built-in. In trailering, the Cruisemaster and Trojan brands are known for their extensive range of quality trailer and caravan components and parts.
Hayman Reese is a trusted name in towing solutions, offering a comprehensive range of tow bars, weight distribution systems, and accessories. Their products are engineered for safety, reliability, and ease of use.
CruiseMaster provides premium independent suspension systems for caravans and trailers. Their products enhance towing stability, comfort, and safety, ensuring a smooth journey on and off the road.
ECB is a market leader in the design and manufacture of alloy bullbars and nudge bars. Their products offer superior protection and style for a wide range of vehicles.

Rola designs and manufactures premium roof racks and cargo management systems. Their products are known for their durability, ease of use, and sleek design, making them a favorite among adventurers and travelers.

Parkside specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality towbars and towing accessories. Parkside offers towbar installation in Perth, and delivers caravan accessories plus towing related products Australia wide. We help you tow with confidence.
Trojan offers a wide range of trailer and caravan components, including brakes, axles, and couplings. Their products are designed for durability and reliability, ensuring safe and efficient towing.

Trail Boss provides robust towing solutions, including towbars, wiring kits, and accessories. Their products are designed to meet the demanding needs of heavy-duty towing.

Kaymar specializes in rear bars, spare wheel carriers, and jerry can holders for 4WD vehicles. Their products enhance vehicle capability and storage, making them ideal for off-road enthusiasts.

TriMotive offers a range of innovative automotive accessories and towing solutions. Their products are designed for functionality and durability, ensuring a seamless towing experience.

BestBars designs and manufactures high-quality tow bars, bull bars, and roof racks. Their products are built to enhance vehicle performance and safety for both commercial and recreational use.
Fully Equipped is an aftermarket accessory supplier offering a diverse range of world-class accessories and a professional service. Born and raised in New Zealand we have designed and built our flagship products the Crown Canopy and Tuf Dek liner for over thirty years.
Hand built from a single fibreglass shell, the Crown Canopy is a strong, impact resistant extension of the vehicle that provides a protected storage space for tools, gear and supplies. Available for double, extra or single cab variants with the choice of window option tailored to requirement.
X-Bar offers innovative rear bars and towing solutions for 4WD vehicles. Their products are engineered for strength, functionality, and style, enhancing vehicle capability and aesthetics.

Christine Products provides high-quality automotive and industrial components, including seals, gaskets, and rubber products. Their solutions are designed for reliability and performance in demanding environments.

Lighting, Power and Electrical Brands

Brown & Watson International (BWI) is the Australian owned company behind several innovative and market-leading brands operating within a global automotive industry. 

Specialising in automotive electrical and lighting products, as well as portable power management and vehicle accessories, our stable of established industry names includes NARVA, Projecta, Philips Automotive, OSRAM, Vision X, Big Red Gear, KT Cable, BOAB, Maxi-Lite, Twisted Throttle, Denali Electronics.

With offices and representation across all states of Australia and New Zealand, as well as South Korea and the USA, Brown & Watson is headquartered at a 17,000sqm facility located in Notting Hill, Melbourne (Australia).

Narva is a market leader in automotive lighting and electrical solutions. Their products are known for their quality, innovation, and reliability, providing superior illumination and safety for vehicles.

Projecta offers a wide range of battery chargers, inverters, and power management solutions. Their products are designed to provide reliable power for automotive, marine, and industrial applications.

KT Cables provides high-quality electrical cables, connectors, and accessories for automotive and industrial use. Their products are engineered for durability and reliability in harsh conditions.
KT Solar is industry recognised for it’s commitment to producing premium quality, innovative solar solutions for use in a comprehensive range of DIY, Offroad, 4WD, Camping, Marine, Home, Commercial and Recreational use.

Big Red Gear is your trusted source for high-performance LED driving lights and 4x4 accessories at affordable prices.

National Luna specializes in portable refrigeration and power solutions for outdoor and off-grid applications. Their products are designed for efficiency, reliability, and durability.
BOAB Offroad designs adventure gear for offroad enthusiasts. Offering products like water and diesel storage tanks, awnings, shower tents, and roof top tents, Boab continues to expand its range to meet evolving off-road needs, much like the enduring Boab tree.
VisionX provides advanced lighting solutions for automotive, industrial, and marine applications. Vision X Offroad provides advanced lighting solutions for off-road vehicles.Their products are known for their high performance, durability, and innovative technology.
Twisted Throttle offers a wide range of motorcycle accessories, including luggage systems, lighting, and protection products. Their products are designed to enhance motorcycle performance and rider experience.

Ultima provides high-performance automotive lighting solutions for the North American market. Their products are engineered for superior illumination and durability.

Denali Electronics specializes in high-performance lighting and electronic accessories for motorcycles and other vehicles. Their products are designed for safety, visibility, and durability.

Rindab (located in Sweden) specialises in vehicle lighting, accessories and equipment for commercial and recreational use. Their products are known for their quality, durability, and functionality.

Caravan Electrical Solutions (CES) specialises in electrical solutions for caravans and recreational vehicles. Their products are designed to provide reliable power and enhance the functionality and comfort of mobile living.

Powertrain & Undercar Brands

Ryco Filters is a market leading provider of automotive filtration solutions, including oil, air, fuel, and cabin filters across Australia & New Zealand. Their products are engineered for superior performance and protection.

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) is a leading manufacturer of high-performance brake rotors and pads. Their products are engineered for superior braking performance, safety, and durability.
AA Gaskets offers a wide range of high-quality gaskets and sealing solutions for the automotive industry. Their products are designed for durability, reliability, and performance.
NZ Gaskets supplies a comprehensive range of gaskets and sealing solutions for automotive applications. Their products are designed for quality, reliability, and performance.

The Permaseal range of gaskets and seals is the most comprehensive in Australasia and it continues to expand every month to meet the demands of an ever changing vehicle market.

Infinitev is a leading EV & hybrid battery replacement experts across Australia and New Zealand. We envision a world where a hybrid or EV battery is reused, repurposed, and recycled infinitely.

IM Group supplies a range of engine management and electronic replacement parts under the well-established Goss brand. It also engages in the repair and remanufacture of automotive electronic components under various brands including Injectronics and MAP.

Injectronics provides advanced automotive electronic solutions, including diagnostics and remanufacturing services. Their products are designed to enhance vehicle performance and reliability.
GOSS provides high-quality fuel system and engine management components for the automotive aftermarket. Their products are known for their reliability, performance, and value.

Wesfil provides high-quality automotive filtration products, including oil, air, and fuel filters. Their products are known for their reliability, performance, and value.

Australian Clutch Services (ACS) is a supplier and manufacturer of standard replacement and performance upgrade clutch kits, hydraulics and accessories. As the owner of leading brands ClutchPro, Xtreme Clutch, Xtreme Outback, ClutchPro Commercial, AG Clutch & Classic Clutch, ACS covers an extensive variety of clutch applications including passenger car, 4x4, truck & bus as well as a wide variety of industrial & agricultural applications. 

ClutchPro is the standard replacement division of Australian Clutch Services and offers complete clutch kits, clutch components and accessories. Developed to meet OE quality standards, each application is analysed and kits developed to ensure everything that may be required for a successful installation is included in the box.

Xtreme Outback Clutch specializes in heavy-duty clutch systems for off-road and 4WD vehicles. Their robust products ensure maximum performance and reliability in the toughest off-road conditions.
Xtreme Clutch provides a wide range of high-quality clutch solutions for street, track, and off-road applications. Their products are designed to offer superior performance, reliability, and durability.
X Clutch offers high-performance clutch kits tailored for performance and racing vehicles. Their products are engineered to deliver exceptional power and control, making them a top choice for automotive enthusiasts and professional racers.

4WD Accessories and Trailering

The 4WD Accessories and Trailering division is dedicated to leading the market with innovative and high-quality products. This division plays a pivotal role in our strategic imperative to be the leader in 4WD accessories and trailering in ANZ with future export potential. With a strong presence across multiple regions, we are well-positioned to expand our reach and influence.

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Lighting, Power and Electrical

The Lighting, Power & Electrical (LPE) division is central to our goal of holding a global leadership position in specialist automotive lighting. This division is dedicated to delivering advanced lighting, power, and electrical solutions that align with our strategic imperatives of expanding vehicle power management internationally and ensuring superior customer value.

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Powertrain and Undercar

The Powertrain & Undercar division is crucial to our ambition of leveraging powertrain profitability and investing in future-proof adjacencies. This division supports a wide range of applications, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the automotive industry by being the category captain in key undercar categories and leveraging scale.

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